Make your Photos. Find your Passion.  Angela Holm, Founder, Photo Club PDX

Make your Photos. Find your Passion.

Angela Holm, Founder, Photo Club PDX

Photo Club PDX was birthed from the desire to bring together photographers of varying interests, experience, and backgrounds to create an extended community of consistent face to face connection, with perpetual personal and photographic growth, all while entering into regular unnecessary creativity. The vision of the Club is to foster an environment where the larger group can bring to life many smaller focus groups to keep the community fresh and endless with opportunity.

Photo Club PDX is a community of digital and film photographers possessing the desire to explore ideas, experiment, get feedback, learn from one another, and create as ours hearts desire. Instead of creating for outwardly intents we turn inward and look for the sparks that excite us, make us curious. This fuels our intention while keeping the pursuit and love of photography fresh in our busy lives.

We all have a passion for pursuing unnecessary creation in a richly diverse environment.


Our 2018 Team

These are the people who have laid the foundation for Photo Club PDX.


Angela Holm - (Founder +)


Michael Montez (Head Admin/PM)


Tommy Spencer (Instagram)


Cora Coronel (Admin)


Sean Kim (Website)

Photo Club PDX
Community Partners

Thank you for supporting Photo Club PDX

Advance Camera

Advance Camera services and repairs a wide variety of photographic equipment and stocks a large selection of new and used photography gear.

Blue Sky Gallery

Blue Sky, the Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts, is a nonprofit exhibition space and community research center dedicated to educating the public about photography through exhibitions, public programs, and publications, and dialogue; and to further the careers and artistic development of the artists shown.

Cobalt Studios PDX

Founded in 2018 by photographers Bill and Tammy Linn, Cobalt Studios is a premier 2500 square-foot photography and multimedia studio located in SE Portland. Cobalt Studios PDX was founded to celebrate photography and the creative process. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

Mel's Frame Shop

Located in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon, Mel's Frame Shop is a full service custom frame shop and fine art gallery. This local small business has over 20 years of framing and art experience. You will receive the best quality custom framing and local art at a competative price.

Pro Photo Supply

Our mission is to assist our community in the pursuit of the art, the craft, the profession, and the joy of still and motion photography. We strive to provide the service, expertise, and products to help our customers fully realize their creative visions. Whether you use photography to earn a living, to enact social change, for personal expression, or simply to record family memories, we are here to help you.