Challenge #11 - Print Sharing


In December we are going to have a Presentation, Party, and Pop-Up Gallery all in one night at Cobalt Studios PDX! We will look at and celebrate what we have done as a group over the past year- In 2 Parts (POP-UP, Print Gifting).

1.For the Pop-Up:

  1. We will be showing all the Prints from 2018 as slides. Nothing you need to do if you don’t want to!

    Option for you if you want a chance to be in the Blue Sky Drawers:

  2. Gather up ALL of the matted images you submitted for the drawers over the past month (that you still own) and bring them in.

  3. If you participated in a challenge but did not print for it, now is your 2nd chance!

  4. If you are new with us feel free to print out your favorite image from 2018 and get that properly printed and matted to share.

  5. Summary: Bring all of your matted challenge prints to share.

2.for the Drawers:

  1. Summary: We will choose the images from the prints that people bring it to be showcased in the drawers this month! If you already submitted the print to a previous challenge you are good!

  2. If you have not previously submitted (see # 3, 4 above) then if your image is selected for the drawers we will need info from you before you leave club that night. See one of us: Angela/Ramona/Cora

3.For the Print Giving:

  1. Pick out a favorite image from 2018

  2. Get it professionally printed as a 5x7. (smaller if you want to mat it).

  3. Bring it in to the Dec meeting, where you will find packaging for it at the check in.

  4. Hold on to your print and in the meeting we will all be a part of a print gifting. All who brought a gift print will also receive a gift print.

  5. Summary: Print out your favorite image from 2018. The finished size should be 5x7”


  • Bring in all of your past matted challenge images- for the Pop-Up Gallery (IF you want a chance to be in the Blue Sky Drawers)

  • New Members who do not have past challenge images can choose a favorite image from 2018 to present for the Pop-Up, to be *potentially included in the Blue Sky Drawers and for the Print Sharing. (basically a repeat of challenge #10)

  • Print out your favorite image from 2018 to gift. The finished size should be 5x7”

*Note: only 20 images can go into the Blue Sky Drawers.

As Always, Housekeeping:

Note: The challenge of unnecessary creation has been created to get you out of any boxes and push your creativity, growth and activity level as a photographer. Utilize this opportunity to create from the passion within, dive deep, find it.

Up to 20 photographic prints can go into the Blue Sky Gallery Drawers for the next 4 weeks. To learn of details please see the website section dedicated to “Preparing Your Print”

We may need to you complete 1 or 2 of these FORMS before the meeting:

New Members Form: Everyone in the Club needs to initially fill this out!
*Challenge Submission Form: Everyone who is participating in the challenge. (Only for *1st time submitters this time around)

You can feel free to contribute $ in advance to the meeting using our$PhotoClubPDX (a minimum contribution of $5-10)

Make your photos.

Find your passion.

Angela Holm