August Outing Recap

Photo Club PDX Lightpainting

Last night we had our monthly outing at the Eastbank Esplanade (by the OMSI entrance). We didn’t knew that the Hood to Coast relay was taking place last night there. Was great to see all kinds of people participating in that event. 

Max Hinz, one of our PCPDX member's, introduced us to some of his styles of Lightpainting. Safety 1st, Fun 2nd! Here's an overview!

1. Light painting is recording the trails of the light in movement. 
2. Safety first always: Don’t do anything like this in drought season. Bring an extinguisher with you. Use a cap / hoodie to avoid starting your hair on fire.
3. During long exposures, a sturdy tripod is needed. 
4. The materials we used were: steel wool (0000), whisk and rope, sparklers, LED’s, fiber optic lighting. 
5. We all experimented with different setting for different outcomes. 

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