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Why should I become a PCPDX member?

PCPDX is a unique community of photographers built on the pillars of collaboration, education, and creativity. We foster a supportive environment to try new techniques, speak about our photography, and critique eachother’s work. We love photography, and want to push our own boundaries to enhance our skills!

As a member of PCPDX, you are a part of our community. You will gain access to our monthly member meetings and outings, special discounts, and much more!

How much does it cost to become a member?

Annual Membership: $200

  • One time payment, renews every year.

  • Access to monthly meetings and outings.

  • Access to Club Room discounts and event pre-sales.

  • Access to Member Directory (coming soon!).

  • Access to social media Hashtag Library.

  • Digital PCPDX member card.

  • PCPDX Member Swag Bag!

Month-to-Month Membership: $15 per month

  • Payment each month.

  • Access to monthly meetings and outings.

  • Access to discounts for one month.

  • Paper PCPDX member card.

What is my membership money used for?

PCPDX relies on membership funds to continue producing amazing events and resources!

More specifically, your membership goes towards the following:

  • PCPDX payroll

  • Website maintenance

  • Marketing expenses

  • Meeting snacks & goodies!

I’m ready to join! How do I purchase a membership?

Awesome!! We are ready to welcome you! You can purchase a membership at our Store Page [HYPERLINK].