How to Prepare Your Challenge Print

  • Mats cannot exceed 20x24” Smaller mats are fine. Must have full backings.

  • Prints can be any size within that mat.

  • White archival mat board (must be a quality mat, find at Mel’s Frame Shop if in question).

  • No logos on the photo.

  • Your signature goes on the mat in pencil on the lower corner where the print and that mat meet.

  • Your work needs to be sealed in a clear plastic sheet protector (find at Blicks or ProPhoto) The plastic sheets stay on the print in the drawers. The plastic can not be damaged or have stickers on it. The plastic flap folds to the back side.

  • It is preferable that the image stays anonymous from social media until after the meeting.

In the sealed print include:

  1. A business card, if you have one.

  2. Anything that may be directed from the individual challenge.

Don’t Forget to do 48 hours in Advance to the Meeting!!

  1. Fill out the **Print Submission Form & Email your digital file** in advance.

  2. At that point you will again be directed to email a digital version of your image, if you have not yet. Follow the directions for sizing and naming listed below, please!

FORM: 📷 #00:

Find the submission form located in the details of the current challenge.

FILE NAMING Instructions:

Your Name_#Challenge_Title
(i.e., Angela_Holm_00_She_Waits.jpeg)

SIZE of the Digital Image:

JPG Image. Longest edge should be 1000 pixels, 72dpi

SEND to: Please “attach” the file (using the paperclip) do not “insert” the image into the email (not as a picture or JPEG) causes difficulties in our process of saving it directly to our google drive.


“Blue Sky Drawers_#Challenge_Photo”
(i.e., Blue Sky Drawers #00 Photo)

ARRIVE: Please arrive by 6:30 pm to sign in and submit your print. Viewing begins at 7pm.

Check out Mel’s Frameshop, downtown PDX! She can help you get your image matted and ready for the meeting. She gives us GREAT discounts on our mats and framing needs. See our Community Supporter page under the Members log in for more info! Always remember to thank Mel when you see her!