Annual Personal Project Meeting

This was a unique meeting where we got to hear from PCPDX members who worked on the Annual Personal Project Challenge in 2018!

Some of these folks will be in the 2019 PCPDX Blue Sky Drawers and some of them are in our 1st gallery showing which runs from Feb- March 30th 2019 at Chehalem Gallery in Newberg.

Here’s the Line Up:

Kathleen Ayers
Chazz Gold
Cora Coronel 
Michal Rubin
Michelle Swanson 
Ramona Russell
Darnell McAdams
George Shubin
Lori Ackerman
George Shubin
Lori Ackerman
Joe Leitch
Alicia Ann Hill
Ekaterina Svobodina
Abigayle Tarsches

Meeting photos by Joe Leitch
Thank you, Joe!