Printing Demystified with Mark Fitzgerald

In February's meeting, Mark Fitzgerald shared his expertise on printing. It was an incredible amount of practical information on the subject of printing. We even delved into Lightroom a bit! 

Printing favorite images can be one of the most gratifying experiences for a photographer. But when the result doesn’t match expectations, it quickly becomes one of the most frustrating. That’s because there are a number of nuances you need to be aware of when printing, whether you do your own printing or send your work to a lab. This presentation is designed to explain important details of the printing process to help you get dependable results every time.

Mark Fitzgerald

Some of the topics that were covered:

Sizing pixels to inches for print
Understanding color management
Downloading, installing and using color profiles
What you need to know about working with labs
Soft proofing explained
Getting your print to match the screen
Choosing the right paper
Overview of Lightroom’s Print module

About Mark:

Mark Fitzgerald is a photographer, author, and teacher living in Portland. He has written several photography books for Wiley Publishing, including Zen of Post Production. Mark taught Lightroom classes for 10 years at Newspace Center for Photography. Now he helps individual photographers worldwide through private training and mentoring.

You can learn more about Mark and find a list of his classes at

Thank you, Mark!

For those of you who would like a chance to hear the conversation, here is the 2 hour recording of the meeting. Mark was kind enough to let me share it here!