Challenge #21 - 'Photographic Cornucopia'

‘Photographic Cornucopia’

You have made a number of photos throughout the year. This challenge is about revisiting them and deciding on a few of your favorites. It’s all up to you! Then bring in 1 - 3 printed images. The images must be under 5x7” in size. Then we are going to fill our cornucopia with images and have a print swap

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Challenge #20 - Mimic to Mastery PT II 'The Series'

‘Mimic to Mastery PT II ‘ The Series’

Now that we have found a photographer and a style that was interesting to us- let’s work in this new way and continue to explore what we have begun to learn. This month we will focus on creating a series of work in the style of the photographer we researched last month. This challenge will result in a series of work. 3-6 images that compliment one another/tell a story/or the like.

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Challenge #19 - Mimic to Mastery

‘Mimic to Mastery’

Think about how you learned to walk, dance, shave, apply makeup… you probably saw someone doing it and then you practiced it by mimicking what you saw. Eventually you became good at it and added your own personality to it along the way, hopefully!

This month we are going to learn by mimicking!

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Challenge #18 - Archi Texture


There are all sorts of manmade structures around us. Let’s really look at them this month. Begin to explore the created shapes, textures, lines, colors and relationships of the world around us. Look for new angles, dimension, interest in what seems familiar or mundane even. Unless of course you prefer the amazing… just explore!

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Challenge #17 - Colab

“Photo Colab”

To have the opportunity to work with another photographer. Get to know someone else, learn about each other's work style. Figure out how to be photographers together for this challenge! What does collaboration with another photographer look like to you? Maybe you each learn something new from one another or just learn one another. Step out, reach out and be a little adventurous… make a friend!

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Challenge #16 - Make it Fantastical

“Make it Fantastical”

An adjective. conceived or appearing as if conceived by an unrestrained imagination; odd and remarkable; bizarre; grotesque: fantastic rock formations; fantastic designs. fanciful or capricious, as persons or their ideas or actions: We never know what that fantastic creature will say next.

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Challenge #10 - Submissions

It takes practice submitting work to competitions & galleries. Not to mention curating your own work for books or even Photo Club PDX challenges! So we are going to look at the art of curating submissions. A panel of ‘blind’ jurors are going to help us with this challenge.

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