Challenge #18 - Archi Texture



There are all sorts of manmade structures around us. Let’s really look at them this month. Begin to explore the created shapes, textures, lines, colors and relationships of the world around us. Look for new angles, dimension, interest in what seems familiar or mundane even. Unless of course you prefer the amazing… just explore!

Take the opportunity in the next week or so to take a trip to your local library and look for some inspiration. Look at photo books to help you conceive of new ways to see the world around you. After all we are going to photograph a library later this month! Why not use it for books too!

For example: Lee Friedlander’s “Sticks & Stones Architectural America”


  1. This month turn in a collection of 4 images that ‘tell a story’. Please submit your written ‘story’ proofed and ready to publish on the website/social media. Also have a title for your set of images.

  2. This is a Digital Challenge.

  3. Submit that image according to the instructions online. See Submit Challenge Photos

  4. Please attend the meeting where your image will be revealed.

  5. Pay close attention to the submission guidelines. If including metadata is unfamiliar to you try Googling it or YouTube as a helpful resource. Your written ‘Description’ and your ‘Title’ should be thoughtful- it will accompany your photograph everywhere it is displayed (website, IG etc).

  6. Have fun!

  7. Required: PCPDX Member’s, fill out the submission form HERE

  8. Due by Sat. Aug 17th @ 5pm (grace period ends Sunday at 7pm) Digital Submissions are always due the Saturday before the Monthly Meeting. Submissions have been extended this time due to our meeting being rescheduled (was due Aug 10th originally)

This outing partners very nicely with our monthly photo outing!
Make sure you pop over to the outing page and secure your registration for the Seattle Public Library - After hours photo outing!

IMPORTANT NOTE: IF you are not a local (Portland area) Photographer please do not submit your challenge image using the form above and do not email it in. In the case you are participating remotely, and not able to attend the monthly meeting, we happily welcome you to participate with us on Instagram by using our Hashtag #PCPDX. This is a way to potentially get featured on our feed as well! Thank you all, near and far, for participating!