Challenge #19 - Mimic to Mastery



Think about how you learned to walk, dance, shave, apply makeup… you probably saw someone doing it and then you practiced it by mimicking what you saw. Eventually you became good at it and added your own personality to it along the way, hopefully!

This month we are going to explore photographers and learn by mimicking!

Visit your local photography bookstore, gallery, library etc for inspiration. Blue Sky Photographic Gallery has an incredible library available for your pursuing, not to mention the drawers and their monthly gallery showcase.

If you haven’t been to Ampersand Gallery and Fine Books you are missing out!!! This is a great place to look at some incredible books! This is a gallery and book store on NE Alberta.

Of course there is always Powell’s Books photography section!

If you are more into borrowing books… our Multnomah Public Library system has an expansive selection. There is no shortage of photo book inspiration in Portland, Oregon!

Now I am encouraging you to really search… maybe you already have some photographer in mind and that is great. However, if you don’t, use this opportunity to expand your repertoire of photography. This challenge is to awaken inspiration in us and teach us how to teach ourselves by studying the photographic work of others who have gone before us. Don’t miss out on that!


  1. This is a 2-part challenge (it will span over 2 months). Here is what we will be doing for part 1!

  2. Due in September. For the 1st part of this challenge you will submit 2 images. The one that inspired you and the one that you created. Be prepared to tell us about the photographer and their work that you chose. This month will be mostly about the research and exploration of new photographers - then our beginning attempts at mimicking! This will lead us into the next 30 day challenge.

  3. This is a Digital Challenge (Part 1)

  4. Submit that image according to the instructions online. See Submit Challenge Photos

  5. Please plan on attending the meeting where your image will be revealed.

  6. Have fun!

  7. Due by Sat. Sept 8th @ 5pm (grace period ends Sunday at 7pm) Digital Submissions are always due the Saturday before the Monthly Meeting.

Our outings often partner nicely with our monthly challenges.
Be sure to check them out!
Just pop over to the outing page and see what’s happening!

IMPORTANT NOTE: IF you are not a local who is attending the monthly meeting (Portland area) please do not submit your challenge image using the above submission process. If you are participating remotely and not able to attend the monthly meeting, we are excited to have you to participate with us on Instagram by using our Hashtag #PCPDX. This is a way to show us your work and potentially get featured on our feed as well! Thank you all, near and far, for participating!

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