Challenge #20 - Mimic to Mastery PT II 'The Series'

C20 Mimic to Master Series.png


Let’s continue to make this our own. After all of the research and exploring let’s delve in even further.


Now that we have found a photographer and a style that was interesting to us- let’s work in this new way and continue to explore what we have begun to learn. This month we will focus on creating a series of work in the style of the photographer we researched last month. This challenge will result in a series of work. 3-6 images that compliment one another/tell a story/or the like.


Due by Sat. Oct 5th @ 5pm (grace period ends only until Sunday at 7pm)
Digital Submissions are always due the Saturday before the Monthly Meeting.

Our outings often partner nicely with our monthly challenges.
Be sure to check them out!
Just pop over to the outing page and see what’s happening!

IMPORTANT NOTE: IF you are not a local who is attending the monthly meeting (Portland area) please do not submit your challenge image using the above submission process. If you are participating remotely and not able to attend the monthly meeting, we are excited to have you to participate with us on Instagram by using our Hashtag #PCPDX. This is a way to show us your work and potentially get featured on our feed as well! Thank you all, near and far, for participating!

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