Challenge #10 - Submissions

The Full Digital Gallery
21 Photographers 5 Submissions Each Equaling 105 Images (scroll down further for the juror’s choices)

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Blue Mitchell Juror


Mark Fitzgerald Juror

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Joni Kabana Juror

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Anthony Pidegon Juror


It takes practice submitting work to competitions & galleries. Not to mention curating your own work for books or even Photo Club PDX challenges! So we are going to look at the art of curating submissions. A panel of ‘blind’ jurors are going to help us with this challenge.


  1. Submission Theme: “Photos YOU Love”

  2. Your Artist Statement. Yup- it is usually asked for. Keep it under 250 words.

  3. Meet the criteria for naming conventions, how to send in your submission and the required info. Submit by the deadline, October 31st 11:59 PM!  Missing any of those will Disqualify you from the digital challenge. You will receive an email that your submission has been accepted or denied with no other details (so check your work). If you submit early enough and receive a denial - you may still have time to resubmit.

  4. All submissions will be passed on to the jurors. They are then going to choose their favorite images from the bunch.

  5. We will hear from the jurors on November 13th. We will gain insight as to how they sorted through the images, what they looking for, how the artist statement & title played a role in what they did or did not choose. We will have the chance to hear from the experienced jurors point of view and pick their brains!


  • Choose 5 Favorite Images that were made in 2018

  • All photos should be intentionally titled

  • Artist statement under 250 words

  • Digital files named as (title_C10_yourinitals_#) #1-5

  • Images sized 1000 px long edge- JPEG 72 dpi

  • Attach your 5 digital images via 1 email using the paper clip (DO NOT Insert photo!)

  • Type your artist statement in the body of the email (use a word counter & spell check)

  • All submissions are digitally due by 11:59 PM on October 31st.

  • Title your email as “Digital Submission #10_ Name”

  • Send the email to

  • Blue Sky Drawer Option: Print out and mat your 1 favorite of the 5. Use the normal process for submitting prints & fill out the print submission form.

Make your photos.

Find your passion.

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