Challenge #04 - Be a Tourist in your own City

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In the spirit of traveling, we are going to explore our own city with fresh new eyes!

In the meeting we each wrote down a place that we would like photographically explore if we were coming to Portland for the 1st time. Of course everyone thought that was going to be their personal destination for the month...

But there was a twist. After everyone wrote down their location, they were asked to pass it to the person on their right. Oh yes, that made people roar with laughter!!

So here it is:

  • Those of you who were not at the meeting and would like to participate, I have a special list for you! It is numbered 1-20 right now. You email Angela Holm at and give her your # choice (pick a #1-20). She will then email you your Portland location!

  • This challenge is to get us looking with new eyes at something we may have seen with our own eyes and in photographs many times over. Your challenge is see it in a new way and to communicate that to us with your chosen image.

  • When we get to see all of our prints hanging at our May meeting, it will be as though we are visiting Portland for the 1st time!

  • This challenge is to help awaken us to new ways of seeing. To be re inspired by what we may consider familiar. To provoke us to deeper creativity naturally.

  • There is no right answer. This is very personal for everyone. Explore, enjoy and discover!


The challenge of unnecessary creation is to created to get you out of your box and push your creativity, growth and activity level as a photographer. Utilize this opportunity to create from passion within.

These photos will be presented at our meeting, 7 pm sharp, on May 10th. 20 photos will be selected for the Blue Sky Gallery in the Drawers for the next 4 weeks. For more details please see more in the “Blue Sky Drawers Specifications” File as well as the May Event invitation in the Event tab on the FB page.

We may need to you complete 1 or 2 of these FORMS before the May meeting:

New Members Form: Everyone in the Club

Print Submission Form: Everyone bringing a print to the meeting.

Please find that in the Files tab of the FB page.

Find your passion. Make your photos.