Challenge #05 - Exploring and Creating Context

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  • Fill out:📷My Five Favorite Photographers. We started this at the meeting. We are going to use this during the next meeting and the results may find their way onto FB sooner than that!

  • Pick a favorite photographer and search for a photo book by them or somewhere that they write about their work. (Book, Blog, Flickr, website, zine, etc)

  • For insight, explore! Spend some time with your chosen photographers photo(s) to ingest it, then consider your thoughts and feelings about the photo.  Now, read what the photographer writes with their photo. 
    Do you see the photo(s) differently now? For example, did the context the photographer added to their photos make the image more meaningful, add depth, insight or provoke a stronger emotional reaction?  Take note.


  • This challenge is to help teach and encourage us to add greater context to our photography, through writing. To prompt us to think deeper, explore our thoughts, feelings, processes. This can add further layers & richness to our images. Of course, adding context can change how our audience connects with our work which can be very beneficial. Taking the time to do this can also transform how we interact with and experience our photography. It can help us build a stronger connection and purpose within our art. Whether we are discovering more about who we are as photographers, finding our voice or sharing our thoughts with others; taking the time to reflect and ponder is one of the first steps in growing.

  • There is no right answer. This is very personal for everyone. Explore, enjoy and discover!


  • Chose a photo you have made sometime in 2018. A photo you Love! This is now your image for the challenge.

  • Now create content for this image. Assuming you learned from exploring your favorite photographer and their content, put it to good use! Start with Naming your Photo!

  • Write/type it and keep it to 1 side of a piece of standard sized paper so that it can be slipped in the plastic sleeve of your print, facing outward so that it can be read.

  • Proof, proof, proof before publishing!!

  • I suggest you type it (even if you want to display it handwritten) and save that file so that you are able to copy and paste it into (the submission form) etc.

  • Wait to share this 1 particular photo and write up until our June 12th meeting.

  • BUT Please Feel Free! to share Other Photos and Write-Ups on our FB page. Just keep your the one you are choosing for this challenge secret until our meeting :-P

We are going to discuss our favorite photographers the following meeting. I encourage you to bring along any content that you use in your context research - if it falls into the category of a photo book or zine. Optional, it would be awesome!

As Always, Housekeeping:

Note: The challenge of unnecessary creation is to created to get you out of your box and push your creativity, growth and activity level as a photographer. Utilize this opportunity to create from the passion within. These photos will be presented at our meeting, 7 pm sharp, on June th12, 2018. 20 photos can be selected for the Blue Sky Gallery in the Drawers for the next 4 weeks. For more details please see more in the “Blue Sky Drawers Specifications” File as well as the May Event invitation in the Event tab on the FB page.

We may need to you complete 1 or 2 of these FORMS before the May meeting:

New Members Form: Everyone in the Club

Challenge Submission Form: Everyone bringing a print to the meeting.

Please find that in the Files tab of the FB page or on theWebsite.

Find your passion. Make your photos.