Challenge #02 - Worst Weather

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Challenge #02 - Worst Weather


Get out and make photos in the “worst” weather possible!

More Details:

You can make the photos that your passionate about in this challenge. The challenge/theme is just to get you out of your box and push your creativity and activity level.

Need some extra motivation? Well, these photos will be voted on at 7pm sharp on March 13th by the active members of Photo Club PDX. The top photos will then be presented at Blue Sky Gallery in the Drawers for the next 4 weeks!

In order to participate in the Drawers, you must:

  • Have made the photo between February 13th and March 13th 2018. (Date of creation will go on the back of the matt backing along with other details)

  • Be present at 7pm with your 1 photo submission at the monthly meeting. See the “EVENT” page on FB for monthly meeting details.

  • You need to be a financially contributing member at meetings.

  • Your photo must meet the proper specifications. (See the Blue Sky Drawers “FILE” on the Photo Club PDX FB page for the print/matting specifications)

  • If you are one of the top choices for the Drawers, you will need to be willing to leave your work with Angela Holm or her point person so that it can be delivered the following day to Blue Sky Gallery

  • You must be willing to sign an agreement that Photo Club PDX, Angela Holm Photography Angela Holm are not responsible if, for some unforeseen reason, your photo/print was damaged, lost, etc.

I am VERY excited to launch this collaboration with Blue Sky Gallery! It is such an honor and privilege for Photo Club PDX to have a place to be showcased in the Drawers. Be sure to express your appreciation to Lisa DeGrace and Blue Sky Gallery for this lovely arrangement! We can also express our delight by supporting Blue Sky Gallery in return!

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