Challenge #03 - New Technique

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Challenge #03 - New Technique

In the thoughts of spring we are adding in something NEW this month.

  1. Add in a new technique to your photography.

  2. Your image must include at minimum 1 of these 3 colors, Pink, Orange and Yellow.

More Details:

This “New Technique” could be a device that you are adding into the mix such as, a new lens, camera, film, lighting, filter etc or it can be a new technique you are adding into your photography such as long exposures, motion blur, a new printing process, combining photos (compositing), night time photography, etc.

The colors give us a cohesion as a group when presenting our work. They will create a type of rhythm moving from photo to photo. Giving us a cohesive body of work made by many unique individuals.


As always I encourage you to make photos that your passionate about in this challenge. The challenge/theme is just to get you out of your box and push your creativity, growth and activity level as a photographer. Utilize this opportunity to create the best work you can.

These photos will be presented at our meeting, 7 pm sharp, on April 10th. 20 photos will be selected for the Blue Sky Gallery in the Drawers for the next 4 weeks. For more details please see more in the “Blue Sky Drawers Specifications” File as well as the April Event invitation in the Event tab on the FB page.

We will need to you complete the New Members Form before participating in the meeting. Please find that in the Files tab of the FB page.

Find your passion. Make your photos.