Challenge #08 - Thought & Effect

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Our thoughts affect our photography. 
If we are not mindful of ‘negative’ thoughts, they will eventually affect our photography. 
Much of the time this kind of self-talk and thinking goes unnoticed.

Where is it that we have self-talk that is getting in the way of us creating our art/our photography? 

That is what we want to talk about, uncover, discover, and begin to regularly recognize. 
It is then that we can move through those invisible blocks, walls, and restrictions we have been limiting ourselves with.

That is our #08 Challenge - Time to burst some thought bubbles!!!


Take Back Your Mind!

  1. Contemplate which thought holds you back the most or perhaps the one you find most debilitating in your photographic process.

  2. Become aware of when that thought arises. Prepare yourself to “do it anyway”. Move through the thought- don’t let it stop you.

  3. Bring in a piece of work that was created because you moved through the thought rather than allowing it to limit you.

  4. At the September meeting please share with us the "thought", your process for overcoming it, and what you accomplished!

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