Challenge #09 - Poetic Imagery


Click image to launch light box. In the light box, hover over image to see details. If you are not able to see all of the writing that accompanies some photos, please shrink your screen for those!


Inspiration for creating an image or body of work can come from a number of ‘things’.  What about other art form such as from Poetry? The more photos we look at the more our imagination is opened up to new ideas. Poetry, can do this as well. When we listen to a poet express their emotion through chosen words, rhythm & rhyme we have the opportunity see the  imagery in our imaginations.


  1. Igor Brezhnev is reading and supplying a copy of his poem “seduction is easy” from his newly release book “america is a dry cookie and other love stories”. For those of you who are not going to be at the meeting you can read the poem and then complete the challenge as well! Find the poem below.


  1. Choose a line or stanza in the poem that really impresses upon you in some way. That may be visually, emotionally or some other connection.

  2. Create an image to describe that portion of the poem. There is no right or wrong answer. You are the artist now collaborating with another artist work

    Hey BTW PCPDX: This image can be chosen from your entire photo collection. For this month’s challenge, the image does not need to have been made in the past 30 days.

Be Inspired by Poetic Imagery!

Find your passion. Make your photos.

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