What We Do

and … all of the fun we’ve had!


The year of photo challenges going into the Blue Sky Gallery Drawers! This was our 1st year as a group and we grew from 0-300 people! We started with a FB group and later launched a full on website. This year we started meeting at the Friendly house in the Pearl District and in month 4 we were invited to have a home at Cobalt Studios in their amazing photo studio! This was a year of many hats for Angela. Thankfully we had a great group of volunteers in 2018! Michael Montez, Shawn Kim, Tommy Spencer, Cora Coronel all played a huge part in the success of PCPDX! If you click on each challenge you will find a gallery and often times other surprises! We managed to document some of out outings but not all of them! Enjoy!



This is our 2nd year! We made it! This year we had our 1st group gallery showing featuring annual personal projects. This was a juried show at the Chehalem Gallery in Newburg. We are continuing on with photo challenges this year but in a less official way! You may not find them here online this year but if you come to the meeting you can see our prints! This year we are introducing Member Profiles! This year we are also moving to an annual membership so that the members can get spoiled beyond measure! It’s all to come!

Photographic Intentions Gallery Calendar .png



Yet to come!