Preparing Your Prints for the Blue Sky Drawers



  • Mats cannot exceed 20x24” Smaller mats are fine. Must have full solid backings. (either form core or mat)

  • Prints can be any size within that mat.

  • Cohesive colored archival mat board (must be a quality mat, find at Mel’s Frame Shop if in question). The body of work must match.

  • No logos on the photo.

  • Your signature goes on the front of the mat board in pencil on the lower corner where the print and that mat meet on each piece of art.

  • Your work needs to be sealed in a clear plastic sheet protector that fits correctly (find them at Pro Photo Supply). The plastic sheets stay on the print in the drawers. The seal folds to the back of the artwork. Neither the plastic sheet or the mat can be damaged in anyway, have stickers on them, wrinkles or sticker residue.

In the sealed print include:

  1. A business card in each, if you have one. People can buy your pieces individually out of the drawers.


Print your project statement/catalog on nice card-stock. Be sure to include your name/contact info. See an example below in the "Resource Section"of the February 2019 Newsletter

On the back of your project statement, there will be a visual catalog of your images with the titles and pricing listed out. Remember to price them a minimum of $100/image. BS takes 50%

You will be responsible for getting your work to us (at the proper PCPDX monthly meeting) WITHOUT any reminders other than the newsletter. Please put the delivery date on your calendar now!


A Catalog Example

Except you would be in place of PCPDX…


Please arrive by 6:30 pm to sign in and submit your print. Meeting begins at 7pm.

Check out Mel’s Frameshop, downtown PDX! She can help you get your image matted and ready for the meeting. She gives us GREAT discounts on our mats and framing needs. Visit Pro Photo Supply for your ink, paper and printing needs. They give us a generous discount as well! See our Community Supporter page under the Members log in for more info! Always remember to thank Mel when you see her!