Submit to the Monthly Challenge


ALL Digital Challenges (or submissions)

  • Email Submissions are Due no later than 5pm the Saturday before each monthly meeting.

  • Metadata: Must be included in your file. If using Photoshop, Lightroom or Bridge you can edit these:

    • Title: This is the title you are giving the image. It should make sense with the challenge.

    • Caption/Description: This is a description of the image that we will also post on IG if we feature your image. Please tell us what challenge subject you choose. Then something that gives us some insight into the image. Like a photo statement… Interesting but to the point. See some of our previous Instagram posts to get an idea. Include your IG handle (@____) as well as your full name. Thank you!!!

    • File Naming: FirstLastName Challenge YourTitle

  • File Size: 1000 px long edge / 100ppi

  • File Naming Upon Export: FirstLastName Challenge YourTitle (ie: AngelaHolm Food14 SweetiePie)

  • Email Subject Line: Challenge and the # (ie: Challenge #14)

  • Please “Attach” the image to email. Do Not “Insert” it as a JPEG or photo.

  • PLEASE AVOID using Apple mail if you have another account you can send your image from. I am using a PC and causes problems with google drive. If it is unavoidable, I understand. Still participate!

  • No logos on the photo.

  • We encourage you to be at the meeting if you are submitting a photo. Please give us a heads up in your submission email if you are not going to be able to attend the meeting but still want to submit for the photo challenge.

  • Email to:

  • NOW FILL OUT THE SUBMISSION FORM!!! Find it at the current challenge page.

  • Don’t worry! It gets easy after you do it a couple times! By you prepping your image in this way it allows us to have enough ‘man’power to have digital challenges -otherwise we would only be able to have print challenges and not digital images would end up on line (sm or website!)

Print Challenges

  • Review the challenge to know whether we are calling for Print Submissions. Some Challenges are only Digital.

  • Please also submit your image digitally so that we have it for social media and the website. See how to submit digitally above. Follow instructions thoroughly.

  • View the monthly challenge to research if there is a specific size required for your physical print. Also, pay attention if matting is required or not. If it’s not, it is just a bare print.

  • Bring your Print Submission to the meeting.

  • Again make sure you also follow the Digital Submission Process above, we are still using digital version online!

Work Pick Up

  • At each meeting we have previous work awaiting your pick up. Please pick it up! If you fail to pick it up within 30 days, your print will be adopted by someone and you will no longer be able to claim it.


The 2nd Tuesday of each month, please arrive by 6:30 pm to sign in. Meeting begins promptly at 7pm.

Check out Mel’s Frameshop, downtown PDX! She can help you get your image matted. She gives us GREAT discounts on our mats and framing needs. Visit Pro Photo Supply for your ink, paper and printing needs. They give us a generous discount as well! See our Community Supporter page under the Members log in for more info! Always remember to thank our sponsors when you see them!


Your Template for the Caption. Copy and Paste it into your Caption area and fill in your details!

Photo Challenge: “Make it Fantastical”⁣

‘Your Title'


“my interesting story behind making this photo or my experience with this challenge etc“⁣

Photo Credit: First Last Name @youigaccount⁣ (Only 1 name and 1 @)