Challenge #14 - Playing with Food


  1. Choose 1 of the adjectives listed below

  2. Make Photos that visually communicate the adjective you chose.  

  3. Choose your favorite image. This is a Digital Challenge.

  4. Submit that image to PCPDX according to the instructions online. See Submit Challenge Photos

  5. Attendance is encouraged at April 9th meeting.

  6. Pay close attention to the submission guidelines, if they are not followed precisely, your image will not be included at the meeting.

  7. Have fun playing with your food!!!

  8. Required: PCPDX Member’s, fill out the submission form HERE

  9. Deadline is April 6th at 5pm for submitting is (Always the Saturday before the meeting)

  10. IMPORTANT NOTE: IF you are not a local (Portland area) Photographer please do not submit your challenge image using the form above and do not email it in. In the case you are participating remotely, we open our participation to you on Instagram by using our Hashtag #PCPDX. This is a way to potentially get featured on our feed! Thank you for participating!

  • Sweet

  • Sour

  • Salty

  • Bitter

  • Umami (Savory)

We are very happy to have David L Reamer is our guest speaker in April! We will get to pick his brain and hear some of his fantastic stories. David will be offering feed back and critiques for our ‘Playing with Food’ challenge photos! Don’t miss it!

If you would like to learn more about David and see some of his work, start with his website and check out the Backdrop podcast!

”I believe in honesty, I believe in authenticity and most of all I believe in food. And when given the opportunity, you will usually find all three in my photographs. My mission as a photographer is to capture the moments in-between. The smile, the smirk, perhaps the split second wink that silently says “There is nowhere else I’d rather be.”

-David L Reamer